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Eleven8 Consulting grew from a belief in partnering for continuous improvement. Our background in Healthcare Operational Excellence has given us tools we have successfully transferred to other sectors, such as retail, service, education, and behavioral health.

Meet Our Founders


Jennifer Offereins

Founder & Principal Consultant

Jennifer Offereins is an experienced organizational excellence consultant, receiving her B.A. in Psychology from Seattle University and her Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology from New York University.  

Jennifer has worked in multiple industries since 2003, supporting several organizations in their achievement of strategic business goals and operational objectives.  She began her career in the banking industry creating and managing leadership development programs, managing global employee surveys and analyzing characteristics of employee performance levels to impact hiring processes and employee development programs. In 2006, Jennifer changed industries to work for a global retail organization to manage an organization wide transformational change.  

She was called to the healthcare industry in 2008 until 2016, where she became a certified WorkOut Facilitator, receiving her Lean Certification and Six Sigma Black Belt in 2009.  Her process improvement and change management work has resulted in millions of dollars of savings, publication in a national industry magazine, Washington State quality awards, organization innovation awards and recognition of positive community impact by the Mayor of the city of Spokane.

Jennifer is a member of several professional networks including: I/O Practitioners Network; Lean, Six Sigma & Process Excellence; Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma & Lean Group; and Inland Northwest Lean Management Consortium.  Jennifer currently resides in Spokane, WA with her husband and two boys.


Lori Gibson

Founder & Principal Consultant

Lori Gibson is an experienced consultant with a strong focus on Operational Excellence.  She excels at working directly with people at all levels of an organization.  Lori has a reputation for building strong teams and is process focused.  Whether her focus is on Health Care systems or People Development, Lori brings value to the table.

Lori has a Masters degree in Social Work and began her career in 1995 as a licensed therapist with focus a on crisis management and intervention.  She also worked closely with children and parents involved in Child Protection Services and the court system.  While at times difficult, this work exposed Lori to the difficulties of working in large systems that should be focused on people.

Lori spent 2000 – 2014 in Health Care Management before focusing exclusively on Operational Excellence.  She is excited by the challenges this work brings – no matter what the industry or field.  She brings a focus for sustained results at the executive and the front-line level, all the while keeping the customer experience as the primary driver for success.

Lori has a strong connection and is active in her community, joining local business leader organizations and mentoring women in health care.

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